August 17, 2010

Hey! It's been a while.

Sorry guys! I would post more often, because I do have things to post, I just get really lazy. :\ I guess thats not a very good excuse. ahaha. Well I probably should do them right after it happens because I forget if I don't. Well I'm gonna sum up thing that have happened to me while I was gone.

I went to Vegas for three days. I went from a Sunday-Tuesday about a week ago. It was fun. The first day we left the house around noon and got there around 4. I went with my family. It was to visit my uncle who just moved there. We did all the normal tourist things there Monday. watch shows eat....alot. like buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. ahaha. and I bought clothes :] and Tuesday we at breakfast, visited my uncle one last time and then left at like 2. and got home at like 6. <---and that was Vegas in a nutshell.

I went to the OC fair...actually just yesterday. It was cool. I left around 11:30 to get there and got there at about 12. I went with my bestfriend. I got to see Luciano there :] It made me happy. not for long though. :\ We went on rides and stuff. and ate unhealthy food. aha. we met up with some more of my friends. my best guy friend and his girlfriend. they are so cute makes me want to puke :D not really. I love them both.

So those were the highlights of my summer so far. ahaha. the rest of the time was just filler days where I pretty much just lazy around the house. :\ aha. well I start band camp on the 23rd, and school on the 7th. and thats all I have upcoming so far. ttyls!

Be happy, healthy, sane...or not.

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